Past Lab Members

Post-Doctoral Trainees


1993-96           Susan Bellis, PhD. Recipient of American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship, July 1994-1996.

                         (Professor at UAB)

1994-05           Michael C. Brown, Ph.D. Recipient of American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship, July 1995-1997. 

                          Immunoassay Group Leader PK/PD ICON Development Solutions

1996-97           Philip Leventhal, Ph.D. Recipient of NIH NRSA Postdoctoral Fellowship (Research Scientist in Biotech industry).

1996-99           Mary Riedy, Ph.D. Recipient of American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship, July 1997-1999.

1997-99           Anne Rosemary McDonald, Ph.D. Recipient of American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship, July, 1997-1                           1999 (Technical writer).

1998-01           Sotiris Nikolopoulos, Ph.D. Recipient of American Heart Association Postdoctoral Fellowship, July 1999-2002                                 (Biotech company)         

2001-04           Khyrul Wara, Ph.D (Supported by NIH) Res. Associate at Harvard   University

2002-05           Dominic Clarke, Ph.D (Supported by NIH) Currently Director of Oncologic Studies, Cell Preservation Services, Inc.

2004-06           Markus Grubinger, Ph.D. (Supported by NIH). 

2007-8             Robert Niederhoff, Ph.D. Recipient SUNY Hendricks Fund Postdoctoral Award.  (Teaching Professor Onondaga                              Community College)

2009- 2015     Nichoals Deakin, Ph.D. Recipient Postdoctoral Fellowship, Susan G. Komen for the Cure, 2009-2012. (Advanced                            Imaging Sales Specialist, Nikon Inc.)

2010-12          Matthew Jones, Ph.D. (supported by NIH). (now Res. Scientist. Univ. Manchester, UK)

2011-12          Napoleon Tito, Ph.D. Supported by Conacyt Fellowship (Asst. Prof., Univ. of Mexico).

2015-18          Fatemeh Dubois. Ph.D. (supported by NIH grant) (Assistant Professor, University of Normandy, France)

2017-18          Rishel Vohnoutka, Ph.D. (supported by NIH grant) (Post doc. Univ. Michigan)



Doctoral Students 


1992-93           Arun Gaur                      Rotation.

1992                 David Sipley                   Rotation.         

1993                 Kathleen Pietras           Rotation.

1994                 Wan Yang                       Rotation.

1994-01           Michael Curtis               Ph.D. (CEO Biotech)

1995-01           David Terfera                 Ph.D. (Professor)

1996-01           Kip West                         Ph.D (Hons) (Chief scientist Biotech)

1999                Jason Aulds                   Rotation

2000                Sudhipto Gosh               Rotation

2000-06          David Tumbarello          Ph.D (Hons). (Lecturer, Southampton University, UK)

2001                Chun Li Gao                    Rotation

2001-05          Sara Hetey                      M.Sc.

2001-06          David LaLonde               Ph.D (Hons). (Think tank Washington, DC)

2002                Tom Cutler                     Rotation

2002                M. DerMesropian           Rotation

2003                Mercedes Alba               Rotation

2003                Hong Sun                       Rotation

2003                Karl Ackerman              Rotation

2004                Colleen Kuemmel         Rotation

2005-10          Jianxin (Alex) Yu            Ph.D   (post doc NIH)

2006-12          Jeanine Pignatelli         Ph.D.   (Post Doc, with John Condeelis then Lead Scientist Pfizer)

2007-14           Duncan Wormer           Ph.D. (Hons) (Lead Scientist Bristol Meyers INC)

2008                Zahra Motahari             Rotation

2008                Jennifer Vella                Rotation

2009                Khoa Ngo                       Rotation

2009                Fatoumata Jobe            Rotation

2009                Lala Zafreen                  Rotation

2009                Yongchang Ji                 Rotation

2010-16          Andrew Jacob               Ph.D. (Hons) (Post doc. NIH then Biotech industry_

2011                Caezaan Keshvani        Rotation

2012                Rebecca Sager             Rotation

2013-17          Gregory Goreczny        Ph.D. (Hons) (Post doc. Harvard Med. then Lead Scientist Nirogy One therapeutics)

2013-18          Anushree Gulvady        Ph.D. (Hons) (Post doc. Harvard Medical School)

2013                Swetha Velivela            Rotation

2014                Kyle Alpha                    Candidate

2014                Andrew Banas             Rotation

2015                Erica Colicino               Rotation

2015                Renee Bullard              Rotation

2015                Michael Jaskolka        Rotation

2015-20          Weiyi Xu                       Candidate

2016                Michael Whitehead     Rotation

2017                Nicholas Zehrbach     Candidate

2018                Xiang Li                       Rotation

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