Current Lab Members

Chris Turner, Ph.D

SUNY Distinguished Professor

BSc in Biochemistry from the University of Sheffield, UK, 1983

Ph.D in Cell Biology, University of Oxford, UK, 1986

Postdoctoral Fellow, UNC-Chapel Hill, !987

Joined the faculty at Upstate Medical University in 1991. 

While working as a postdoc. I discovered, and named the protein Paxillin. Our ongoing research over the past nearly 30 years has identified paxillin and its close relative Hic-5 as key focal adhesion adapter proteins that facilitate and coordinate cell communication with the extracellular environment to regulate cytoskeleton remodeling, cell motility, tissue morphogenesis and cancer progression.

Nicholas Zehrbach, BS

Graduate Student

Nicholas is investigating the role of paxillin in the regulation of microtubule acetylation and protein trafficking.

Weiyi Xu, BS, MEng

Graduate Student

Weiyi is studying the role of paxillin in mammy gland morphogenesis, cell-cell adhesion signaling and breast cancer progression.

Kyle Alpha, BS

Graduate Student (MD/Ph.D)

Kyle is investigating the role of paxillin in regulating actin cytoskeleton dynamics and breast cancer progression and the role of His-5 in stromal matrix remodeling.

Liz Luke, BS, MS

Research Support Specialist

In addition to keeping the lab running smoothly, Liz is exploring the paxillin and Hic-5 interactomes using BioID and KO cells.

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